Adirondack Treks to hold Paintball Biathlon fundraiser Nov. 3

— Adirondack Treks and the Capital Region Nordic Alliance will hold a paintball biathlon fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 3.

“We’ll be running and then stopping to shoot,” said Russ Myer, president of the Capital Region Nordic Alliance. “It’s a sporting event that combines endurance and accuracy. It’s not combat paintball.”

The biathlon is a fundraiser for the Capital Region Nordic Alliance and Adirondack Treks, a regional outing club whose mission is to get kids involved in outdoor adventure sports. Adirondack Treks works with kids on sports such as rock climbing, caving, paddling, back country skiing, hiking and camping.

“We are doing this jointly with the Capital Region Nordic Alliance, whose mission is to help disabled folks and war vets get involved in cross-country skiing,” said Kelly Nessle, of Adirondack Treks.

The games are modeled after the Olympic sport of biathlon, which is usually performed on skis with rifles. Athletes ski for a certain distance, then must shoot and continue to ski until the finish line. Myer said this will be a seasonal alternative to the sport without skis.

“You can run really fast, and you may have shot before and hit the target, but can you do both in a race equally well?” Myers said.

The event will include four shooting bouts that take place between five 1 kilometer loops for older students, and there will be a short, flat course for youth. Adults may choose either distance.

All athletes are required to take a part in the mandatory safety clinic before they can complete.

Myer said there will also be an award of recognition given to all athletes to take part in the program.

“This event is open to anyone and everyone who wants to come out,” Myer said. “It will be an integrated event where everyone can come and participate at their own pace. All athletes will be rewarded.”

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